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gong baths

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Zoe's immersive gong baths take recipients deep into their own healing, profoundly held by both her instruments and skill, as she curates the experience.

Zoe’s expansive collection of rare gongs made from precious metals and materials add a different dimension and aid a greater depth of healing, even for those that have experienced the modality before. 

With several ceremonial spaces available at Moon Temple Retreat, Zoe can hold private appointments or group sessions. The gongs can also be blended with other therapies that can be discussed at the time of booking – with programmes lasting between a half-day or a deep dive overnight experience.

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If you are interested in sound therapies please send us your details for  bookings and we will get back to you shortly.

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oe Pollock Moon Temple Retreat Wellness and Sound Healing Devon


'Thank you Zoe, being held in that healing space by you was such a nourishing balm.  The ceremony felt like a beacon calling me back to myself, and I am so very grateful.’ 

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