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Zoe Pollock Moon Temple Retreat

I live with my family and close friends at Moon Temple Retreat, where I can meditate and pray in my own organic and intuitive way. I wanted to share this space so others can experience how transformative and soul-soothing it can be to reconnect with nature and rediscover ourselves. 

I am lucky to have travelled widely, performing in many countries and studying and collaborating in both healing and music with some extraordinary, gifted people. I look forward to welcoming them to Moon Temple, in order that they can weave magic and remind visitors of the potential for creation and transformation that we all have within us. 

An enchanting thatch barn here houses my gongs, and I love holding space there. Gong baths are difficult to describe with words because they can take you to a place seemingly beyond space and time. They are a deeply immersive, full body listening experiences that use sound and vibration to nurture body and mind.  

For me, truth and expression come through music. My creative practice as a singer-songwriter is primarily inspired by nature. Songs come to me when I am quiet and alone, meditating and listening to the birds and the wind in the trees. Sometimes, songs come to me fully formed in dreams. My latest album came to me in a vision in Costa Rica during a sacred medicine ceremony, the landscape flowed into me as music.

My music makes reference to extremes of light and dark, yearning and fulfilment, sensuality and divinity, suffering and ecstasy, in reflection of the way it feels to be human, as both a physical and a spiritual being. My dream is that Moon Temple becomes a haven for people to nourish both aspects of themselves.

Zoe Pollock Moon Temple Retreat
oe Pollock Moon Temple Retreat Wellness and Sound Healing Devon


'Zoe’s gong ceremony bought me back to and through myself. I felt myself merge with the sound, somehow beyond space and time. I felt connected to the divine feminine, at one with creation, it was such a gift.'

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